Preppy winter!! 

​Holaa pals..

How are you doing all…  Umm lemme guess All  busy making plans for the Christmas eve (me too btw) 😜!!
And that just made me realise Christmas and then New year soon. The year will end but you know what, this year has been so special to me. I did so many things that people said you are not capable of. Just have an optimistic approach towards anything you’re goin to start or are doing right now because your perception and the way we think really matters a lot…. Life is what you make it guys, so just believe in yourself 😇!!!!!!
 Aahh that was too much of philosophy 😅so widout wasting time further lets take a look at our new lookbook… 😉
But before we take a look to  our this times style i would like to share with you the reason behind this times change in our style is because of the reviews  i received from you all to go in for a casual look because  since i started blogging i have  always been wearing classy and  formal looks so this times blog is especially for my college going readers its for you guys i hope you like it…
College life those days damn!! The best ones truly❤
This is the time when we are high on energy an enthusiasm… And indeed that  Carefree attitude shows in our attire too….
The blue coloured china color shirt paired with washed denim which is pinrolled..
If you are not aware what is pinrolling the denim and  wanna know How to properly pinroll your denim then Google it guys, there are ample amount of videos on youtube showing the  proper technique for pinrolling your  denim!
And then this attire Is combined with sky blue color sneakers which were  bought from
 It enhance the look and to be honest most of us guys have a crazy love for shoes right?? 😛
 And how do i forget the chill early mornings sometimes even during the noon its really cold isn’t it?
So for that I used broad checkers Muffler!!
 Muffler looks eye catching if you use it with right attire in elegant style….and the whole look is paired with brown champion type aviator glare. As I had already mentioned in my previous blogs that my love for slings are irresistible..😄 So here I again use slings to complete my look. 😎


         Soo guys that all for this time  decent yet in trend college look…
I really  hope you guys find this times change a good one and looking forward for any more reviews from you people..
          Once again Merry Christmas my reader’s and also Happy New year ( in advance😛)
Party hard(No drink and drive guys)
 Stay blessed !!!

Shots by- Nikhil Patil.

Shirt,Muffler:wild boutique,  denim:roadster(myntra), hat:manali local market, glare:carrera, watch:fastrack, bag:the bombay store, 

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