Travel ease.. 

​Hola friends..

How are my people…New year new hopes new dreams new wishes and a Happiest New year to all my readers…😄i pray you have a blessed wonderful and productive year… I am quite  sure you people must have made new resolutions and  I know guys its  pretty hard to stick to them😅 but one step in a right direction always brings you good thing..
Well talking about our last blog i hope my readers loved my Preppy Winter college look and you guys tried wearing it…☺
            I am really happy to see that you guys  really take an interest in  my work and force me and give me different challenges and push me to bring the best for my people..

We all love to travel isn’t it? ❤️😉And indeed its a beautiful thing to do… it need not be a vacation  it can just be a  journey from one place to another. but the feeling evryone experience is special..
When it comes to travel i am always on my tip of toes, the journey  always refreshes me. it gives me an energetic vibe full of enthusiasm. hence while travelling  i keep a keen eye on what i am wearing you know why?
Because  when we travel the most important thing we need to keep in mind is the attire we are wearing should be comfortable and should give you the ease of movement…
So this times style book is for my travel loving readers…
            I wore a plain black half sleeve t shirt, along with that i am wearing a full sleeves broad checkers shirt which I bought from Bewakoof.Com. Jogger Is the perfect option if you are  traveling. it gives you a a comfy breatheable feel. I used pintuck jogger by  which is easy to carry and gives you a stylish in trendy look.. And I know You all are now  aware about my love for bags, i am carrying this Backpack which I bought from
And hey our footwear  guys!!!! how can we miss on that sneakers!
I styled this look with a pair of white sneakers. Last but not the least guys. this whole look is incomplete without glasses To complete dis look I used multiple shade glare.


          I hope you’ll like it and you’ll definitely try it when you’ll go on any journey. That’s it for this time guys. Keep calm and dress up like king😎 👑!!

Shots by
Sohil vittal

T shirt –  wild boutique, shirt – Bewakoof.Com, jogger –, Backpack –, sneakers – Flipkart. Com,  shades – bandra linking road

Instagram –  the_dusky_dapper

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