​Hola friends, 

 How are you doing all? Hope you are having a good time. I know that I have always shared my ideas related to fashion, new trends, styling, brands and soo onn..  But today I’m not here to share any fashion and styling stuff but for a noble reason !! Today is international  women’s day!!  No doubt we don’t need any specific day to admire the endless humongous contribution of women for the society and for the once personality, but we can look at it as a symbolic day to praise them. So Happy international Women’s Day to my female readers and all the women’s out there.
  This thought gives me a chance to think the importance of Women in our life.  I’m neither a socialist or a philosopher or a writer to write about it. I just wanna share my thoughts with my people.
 The word ‘Ansh‘  in it have a deep meaning.. As a mother she is a creator. She gives birth to a newborn. She cuts  out her ‘ansh‘  (Excerpt) for the creation of a new living being!! It means, all human beings whether it is a man or a woman is having the ‘ansh‘  of woman in them…!! Then why people kill small buns before they can see this beautiful world? Why????
  My parents teaching said self respect is most important thing. If I have an ansh of a woman in me that means I must first respect the woman in order to respect myself. Then why dowry killing, young girls trafficking and Rape??The  perverts who are really doing this don’t they have a self respect at all??? We need to find that ansh in us,  when will find that ansh of women this type of nonsense will automatically stop. Because no one in this universe is ready to harm themselves (a human tendency)…..

In the post I have worn a nose ring that is representing the ansh of women that lives in me. Just give it a thought guys!! .  respect women!
 Happy international women’s day again 😊

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