Summer desires ft. Wild

Hola compadre!!

How are you doing guys? Thanks for such a great response for the colorful-summer-part-1. Your comments and your support are my biggest strength. Love you guys for that.

The scorching sun is in no mood to spare us 😰. In this rising temperature we think twice before getting out of the house. And the problem starts from where to go to what to wear. Now where to go is for you to decide 😉but what to wear… I can really help you in that 👔


    In my last post we talked about what to wear and what should be avoided in the sunny days. So I’ll go straight to my today’s look book.

       You can consider it as casual yet trendy style.


        So here’s the new ‘style-diary’ for you. For this look I’m wearing half sleeves blue shirt with polka dots. Matching it with blue distressed short denim. Denim shorts are the perfect match for sunny days. We all know how comfortable denims are for regular use, but denims shorts are a really good option for the summers.


       Normally people use suspenders with formal clothing.But here I use suspenders with my casual style to give it a classy touch,and it looks great when all things merge together so well.



Reflectors are the trend now! It not only protects your eyes but enhances your overall look. I’m wearing square multi-shade reflectors.


     Hat is another important asset for the summer. To compete your look n to protect you from sun.


White color sneakers are the best. They refract the sun-rays. You can combine it with anything and it gives you the classy effect every time. You can use it with formals, casuals, semi formals.. They are awesome 😍


That’s all for this time folks. I hope you like the styling and you’ll definitely try it sometime. Do tag me Here when you try them on. Until then keep slaying 😎

photo credits- Aniruddha muley


shirt-wild boutique

shorts- wild boutique

suspenders-wild boutique


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