Corporate tucker…!

Heyo Amigos, it’s been so long and I don’t know about you guys but I surely missed you all.


       With my blogs I try to bring in a breeze of fresh fashion to our mundane office lives which got me thinking “How about we merge them?”  It’s a proven fact that your attire affects your confidence and reflects your personality, so stop being complacent and lets bring out the ‘Harvey Specter’ in you.


I, being part of Sales and  marketing team have a firsthand experience of how, many of us have to go about our work in tedious formal wear, so this write up is dedicated to all my friends who have to travel far and wide for their work.


So my friends, who like to keep it trendy but prefer comfort due to the daunting travel hours ,you could go with my look in which I wear a bottle green colored trouser from Hubberholme. In my experience, I was the most comfortable traveling in these, it doesn’t constrict my movements.


If you are a style enthusiast, the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Corporate” has to be a Blazer. Although blazers have had an image of being conventional, here I’ve given it a twist. The combination of this broad checkered jacket with the trousers brings on just the right amount of pazzazz you need at your office.


I’ve teamed the jacket with a floral fine printed shirt (Make sure that the print is very fine and doesn’t come out to strong, you could also go with a plain shirt).


When we talk about travelling comfort, a lot depends on our footwear. I’ve paired this attire with wine colored  sneakers, which blends in perfectly. If there was a word for harmony of style and comfort, it would be sneakers.


And lastly, let’s not miss the champ of this look, the red shades. Nothing says style, like a pair of shades.


This is it from me today, do tag me in your pictures when you try on this style. Until then, KEEP SLAYING !!



Shots by- Aumkar patil.

Written by – Sangamitra Agrawal 

Trouser-Hubberholme, Blazer-kings, Shirt- zara, sneakers- shwetascloset(Instagram store). Glare- Amazon.

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