Elegant gentleman ft. Zaaki! 

   Hey friends I know it’s been a while since I last wrote, but that’s because I was searching for a theme which is yet unexplored.

        We have divided everything as per our gender, our work, watches, ornaments. We have gone to the extent of dividing colors too. The same trend is seen in fashion . If we look at the past, we would see that men and women wore similar clothes. A simple piece of clothing draped on with grace.

      For this reason I thought of breaking this glass barrier and experimenting with a saree which is out and out considered as women’s clothing. The saree that I’ve used for this look is a minimalistic saree from zaaki. I’ve paired the look with a neck piece which again is rare in men’s wear. 

       We don’t really know when how and who created different sets of clothing for either gender. But the society today so rigidly adheres to these rules that any divergence from this straight line is scorned upon. A women wearing pants is still considered as less feminine and a man wearing skirt or saree is considered as blasphemy.

         The whole saree look is coupled with a blazer from Peter England and to complete the look I’ve selected mojdi for footwear which compliments the whole attire. 

      The Man considered as the epitome of masculinity himself is ardhanareshwar, why then does the current society want everyone to fit into a single gender role?

      Today I’d like to appeal to not just my readers but this entire linear world to #BreakTheRoles . The roles that have held us back for so long, the roles that fetter both men and women from even diverging one step from the straight line that has been drawn for them. 

      For this blog I have worn a saree and I’d like everyone to break away from ‘Log kya kahenge’ . With this I’d take your leave, keep experimenting and do tag me with the hashtag #BreakTheRoles



Shots by – Aumkar Patil

Written by – sangamitra Agrawal. 

saare – zaaki, blazer – Peter England, Neckpiece – colaba causeway, Mojdi – local shop

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