Urban vibes.. 

​Holaa friends , 

It’s quite a long time that i haven’t blogged and delivered something good for my readers ..
Well to be honest this times upload isn’t  something i had an intention to put up as a blog. The thing was me and my friend had an assignment shoot together for a reason. She’s an amazing model and  a fashion enthusiast also !! As I really loved what we styled that  day and hence i decided to share it with you people ..

So here’s the new lookbook of the Duskydapper..!!
        Formals are always favorable for the men as it gives them a great comfort, but If you carry it in a serene way it looks cool and trendy. In this particular look I wore a Formal white shirt with a Lil floral print on it. And it combines with the dark skinny ankle length trouser. This is the most common look carried by the people, but here again I gave it a Lil dusky touch..!😄 I wore a black suspender combined with black bow which gives  the cool urban look to attire. For this look any dark shade aviator will suit but the way transparent aviator   gives you the classy as well as intense look is unconventional 😀😉 . And this whole look is incomplete without the stylish wing tip formal loafers.👞 


Try this look guys you’ll love it . Hope you’ll like this urban style.. Stay tuned for coming ups n dress up like king..!👑

Shabba kher😇

Shots by- sanket ghadi

Printed shirt – zara, trouser – Peter england, suspender & bow – wild boutique   shoes – local shop, aviator – colaba causeway. 

Manic monday…! 

​Holaa friends , 

I hope you are having a good time.☺ Thanks a lot for such a huge response to my 1st blog. 😃I’m honestly
overwhelmed by your  support … you guys have indeed given a push to my ability and i take it as a responsibility to put forth my efforts and present some good work to my readers and making it worth reading for you people.
Monday Monday arrgh surely no funday!
But guess what….. It can be!! you know HOW??? 😎
Dress well and everything  surely  looks well around you
..(my funda to make my monday interesting 😉) 

So lets start Monday  with something  like formal attire but here again I gave it a dusky touch because…….. Come on!This  dusky dapper style formals are anytime better than the conventional formals….

 I combine the formal with distressed denim . Cardigan sweatshirt with Louis Philips plain white shirt .  And effect of this  look is enhanced by the black sneakers. My loooove for slings is too deep and I’m sure you all will feel it as we head ahead.. 😄and this  whole look is incomplete without the classy bottle green coloured glass aviator which I’m carrying.. The attire comes under the semi formal look.  I  hope u guys will love it…😎😎


      Thank you readers for your attention. Stay tuned for d nxt attire till then  surely try this look. It  will make your Monday better than the existing one..  dress up like a king!!! 👑

Shots by – Kshitij satham

Shirt – Louise Phillips, Sweatshirt – max, Aviator – Ray ban, Denim – spykar, Sling bag – wild boutique ,  Vans Sneakers – filpkart

The ethnic touch 


        How are you doing guys??I’m  so excited for my 1st blog..!lemme 1st introduce you to this new blogger onkar kavatkar. I’m an engineer by profession👷, fitness freak by passion💪 and fashion enthusiastic by birth 😄…!   Fashion has always excited me and  I have  been enthused by it since I started understanding and experimenting with it. I feel that fashion is a term which demands change and truly change is necessary monotinity wipe of the enthusiasm! 

         As I said earlier fashion demands change, so here is my 1st blog, I’m keeping it simple.. Kurta is always my preference,  because  of its elegance making  it look cool as well as in trend all the time but when this traditional is combined with ripped denim and white sneakers it gives an allurement!!  Don’t miss the cherry on the top Erica style Glare completing the exquisiteness of the outfit!


          Well thats all about my first blog..! 

Thanks for paying heed to this fresh blogger. surely  i seek your support  and your suggestions and views are always welcomed…☺☺

Shots by – Abhijit bavaskar

Kurta=limeroad , Denim= wild boutique,  Sneakers =Amazon, Glare = funk u