Elegant gentleman ft. Zaaki! 

   Hey friends I know it’s been a while since I last wrote, but that’s because I was searching for a theme which is yet unexplored.

        We have divided everything as per our gender, our work, watches, ornaments. We have gone to the extent of dividing colors too. The same trend is seen in fashion . If we look at the past, we would see that men and women wore similar clothes. A simple piece of clothing draped on with grace.

      For this reason I thought of breaking this glass barrier and experimenting with a saree which is out and out considered as women’s clothing. The saree that I’ve used for this look is a minimalistic saree from zaaki. I’ve paired the look with a neck piece which again is rare in men’s wear. 

       We don’t really know when how and who created different sets of clothing for either gender. But the society today so rigidly adheres to these rules that any divergence from this straight line is scorned upon. A women wearing pants is still considered as less feminine and a man wearing skirt or saree is considered as blasphemy.

         The whole saree look is coupled with a blazer from Peter England and to complete the look I’ve selected mojdi for footwear which compliments the whole attire. 

      The Man considered as the epitome of masculinity himself is ardhanareshwar, why then does the current society want everyone to fit into a single gender role?

      Today I’d like to appeal to not just my readers but this entire linear world to #BreakTheRoles . The roles that have held us back for so long, the roles that fetter both men and women from even diverging one step from the straight line that has been drawn for them. 

      For this blog I have worn a saree and I’d like everyone to break away from ‘Log kya kahenge’ . With this I’d take your leave, keep experimenting and do tag me with the hashtag #BreakTheRoles



Shots by – Aumkar Patil

Written by – sangamitra Agrawal. 

saare – zaaki, blazer – Peter England, Neckpiece – colaba causeway, Mojdi – local shop

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Corporate tucker…!

Heyo Amigos, it’s been so long and I don’t know about you guys but I surely missed you all.


       With my blogs I try to bring in a breeze of fresh fashion to our mundane office lives which got me thinking “How about we merge them?”  It’s a proven fact that your attire affects your confidence and reflects your personality, so stop being complacent and lets bring out the ‘Harvey Specter’ in you.


I, being part of Sales and  marketing team have a firsthand experience of how, many of us have to go about our work in tedious formal wear, so this write up is dedicated to all my friends who have to travel far and wide for their work.


So my friends, who like to keep it trendy but prefer comfort due to the daunting travel hours ,you could go with my look in which I wear a bottle green colored trouser from Hubberholme. In my experience, I was the most comfortable traveling in these, it doesn’t constrict my movements.


If you are a style enthusiast, the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Corporate” has to be a Blazer. Although blazers have had an image of being conventional, here I’ve given it a twist. The combination of this broad checkered jacket with the trousers brings on just the right amount of pazzazz you need at your office.


I’ve teamed the jacket with a floral fine printed shirt (Make sure that the print is very fine and doesn’t come out to strong, you could also go with a plain shirt).


When we talk about travelling comfort, a lot depends on our footwear. I’ve paired this attire with wine colored  sneakers, which blends in perfectly. If there was a word for harmony of style and comfort, it would be sneakers.


And lastly, let’s not miss the champ of this look, the red shades. Nothing says style, like a pair of shades.


This is it from me today, do tag me in your pictures when you try on this style. Until then, KEEP SLAYING !!



Shots by- Aumkar patil.

Written by – Sangamitra Agrawal 

Trouser-Hubberholme, Blazer-kings, Shirt- zara, sneakers- shwetascloset(Instagram store). Glare- Amazon.

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welcoming monsoon with Bewakoof!

         Howdy people? Hope you are doing fantastic. Happy monsoon to you guys. And the most delightful season has started so tie up your shoes for some exciting monsoon styling with me.
          Monsoon is my personal favorite. I just love everything about rains. Rain drops, climate, mitti di khushbu, marine drive (only Mumbai ka public will understand this feeling) 😍. Rain plus marine drive is heavenly combination. I’m pretty sure every city has its favorite monsoon spot.
                     As you get ready to head to your favorite spots I present you with the following :-
  Some does and don’t for monsoon styling. Always try to pair up your upper with dark colored bottom. Shorts and pintuck joggers are the saviors in monsoon . If you are comfortable in formals then be careful about the length. The length of formal pant should be just above the shoe line.
                      These are very Few does and don’t that I just now mentioned but don’t you worry child 😜I’m going to make a new fresh article on does and don’t for monsoon in coming time so let’s directly go to our monsoons first styling.
      As I said above shorts are the saviors of monsoon. Though I like this season but I get irritated when my bottoms/lower clothing get wet. So for the 1st monsoon look I pair my uppers with linen blue colored shorts. Linen is a thin material and gives you great comfort.
        Longline tops are the trend now. And the brand Bewakoof is really doing well to bring new and trendy Longline products to their customers.
          Tank tops are my personal favorite. So for this look I team my uppers with varsity maroon Longline vest which I bought from Bewakoof.com and Boston blue white contrast sleeves bomber jacket which is again from Bewakoof.com
      Be a Lil choosy about your shades when monsoon arrives. A light shade glares and reflectors are useful if you love to wear shades anytime just like me 😜.To complete this look I used browline shaped reflector.
             How can I miss that beanie?!  Green slouchy style beanie is really gelling well with the complete look.
That’s all for this time I’ll be back with my new look and the guide for sailing through the monsoons in style ..
Until then Adios and don’t forget…. KEEP SLAYING !



Shots by- Akshay rane.

Wardrobe  details- varsity maroon Longline vest – Bewakoof.com , Boston blue white contrast sleeves bomber jacket -Bewakoof.com , Linen shorts – wild boutique, browline shaped reflector – shopoholic_surat , slouchy style beanie – wild boutique.

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Artsy Bohemian ft. KOOVS

Bonjour friends, how are you doing? Hope this summer is not bothering you much.
So peeps, as the summer is going to end very soon, this probably will be our last summer styling for the season.

Without wasting much of your time I will directly take you to my latest style book. Because of this scorching heat it is crucial  to wear clothes that are comfortable and at the same time stylish..

Koovs always comes up with a variety of men’s apparel which has its own unique style and the quality comfort too!

Most of us may believe that wide leg pants, Pajamas and palazzo can only be considered in women’s wardrobe but Koovs has overcome this stereotype and came up with an exclusively trendy style in the men’s apparel segment- wide leg chinos for men.


So for the current blog I am taking an initiative to show how you can style the wide leg pants that will turn out to be a savior in this roasting heat.

As mentioned earlier, I am wearing the wide leg chinos from Koovs. It is very comfy and gives me a preppy look. I’m pairing it with a black half sleeve  printed shirt which is perfectly complementing the chinos.

DSC_0337-01           For this particular look I have picked some of the men’s jewellery including different types of hand-bands/bracelets, rings and neck-piece. This look is for those who dare- the bold ones.

DSC_0331-01            You must definitely be aware of my love for Sneakers! Sneakers are absolutely cosy and match with anything with same class! Sky blue sneakers are harmonizing the attire.


DSC_0361-01            And last but not the least- a black Lord Shiva printed zhola completes my Bohemian look!

That’s all for this time guys, so go and checkout the Koovs collection and make your own style with them and do no forget to tag me.
Keep slaying.



Shots by- Anirudhha Mulye

Wardrobe  details- wide leg chinos- KOOVS, Printed shirt- wild , sneakers – shoppy5.com , hand-bands/bracelets, rings and neck-piece- KOOVS , zhola- Goa local store

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