Artsy Bohemian ft. KOOVS

Bonjour friends, how are you doing? Hope this summer is not bothering you much.
So peeps, as the summer is going to end very soon, this probably will be our last summer styling for the season.

Without wasting much of your time I will directly take you to my latest style book. Because of this scorching heat it is crucial  to wear clothes that are comfortable and at the same time stylish..

Koovs always comes up with a variety of men’s apparel which has its own unique style and the quality comfort too!

Most of us may believe that wide leg pants, Pajamas and palazzo can only be considered in women’s wardrobe but Koovs has overcome this stereotype and came up with an exclusively trendy style in the men’s apparel segment- wide leg chinos for men.


So for the current blog I am taking an initiative to show how you can style the wide leg pants that will turn out to be a savior in this roasting heat.

As mentioned earlier, I am wearing the wide leg chinos from Koovs. It is very comfy and gives me a preppy look. I’m pairing it with a black half sleeve  printed shirt which is perfectly complementing the chinos.

DSC_0337-01           For this particular look I have picked some of the men’s jewellery including different types of hand-bands/bracelets, rings and neck-piece. This look is for those who dare- the bold ones.

DSC_0331-01            You must definitely be aware of my love for Sneakers! Sneakers are absolutely cosy and match with anything with same class! Sky blue sneakers are harmonizing the attire.


DSC_0361-01            And last but not the least- a black Lord Shiva printed zhola completes my Bohemian look!

That’s all for this time guys, so go and checkout the Koovs collection and make your own style with them and do no forget to tag me.
Keep slaying.



Shots by- Anirudhha Mulye

Wardrobe  details- wide leg chinos- KOOVS, Printed shirt- wild , sneakers – , hand-bands/bracelets, rings and neck-piece- KOOVS , zhola- Goa local store

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Summer desires ft. Wild

Hola compadre!!

How are you doing guys? Thanks for such a great response for the colorful-summer-part-1. Your comments and your support are my biggest strength. Love you guys for that.

The scorching sun is in no mood to spare us 😰. In this rising temperature we think twice before getting out of the house. And the problem starts from where to go to what to wear. Now where to go is for you to decide 😉but what to wear… I can really help you in that 👔


    In my last post we talked about what to wear and what should be avoided in the sunny days. So I’ll go straight to my today’s look book.

       You can consider it as casual yet trendy style.


        So here’s the new ‘style-diary’ for you. For this look I’m wearing half sleeves blue shirt with polka dots. Matching it with blue distressed short denim. Denim shorts are the perfect match for sunny days. We all know how comfortable denims are for regular use, but denims shorts are a really good option for the summers.


       Normally people use suspenders with formal clothing.But here I use suspenders with my casual style to give it a classy touch,and it looks great when all things merge together so well.



Reflectors are the trend now! It not only protects your eyes but enhances your overall look. I’m wearing square multi-shade reflectors.


     Hat is another important asset for the summer. To compete your look n to protect you from sun.


White color sneakers are the best. They refract the sun-rays. You can combine it with anything and it gives you the classy effect every time. You can use it with formals, casuals, semi formals.. They are awesome 😍


That’s all for this time folks. I hope you like the styling and you’ll definitely try it sometime. Do tag me Here when you try them on. Until then keep slaying 😎

photo credits- Aniruddha muley


shirt-wild boutique

shorts- wild boutique

suspenders-wild boutique


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Colorful summer! Part. 1

Bonjour Friends !

Hope everyone’s doing good…


The summer has arrived like a boss this year and so have we with styles to tackle the oh-so-hot Sun ☀️…Is it just me or is it freakishly hot out there?

But you know people this is the perfect season to experiment with our clothes. I’m sure you all must be aware about it,infact I know some of us actually wait for this season in order to style ourselves wearing shorts and loose shirts and of course our summer hats .The thing about this season is people wear minimal yet in trend outfits to feel as well as to make them look good..


This can be done making a good combination of this. Tip–  For the sunny days wear light colored clothing to refract the sun rays. Choose fabric wisely! The fabric should be  Made with breathable weaves like cotton, linen. This will not only give you the comfort after wearing but also give you a soothing effect which can help you to carry your look in a charming manner.


     Well well, I am not here just to give summer tips, am I? I know my fellas are waiting for my summer look. So pals for this summer I have something exciting to show you, simple but good quality styles that will enhance your look and will give you great comfort too 😎


   I chose a simple yet stylish way to greet summer.

So for my 1st  post for canicular days, I’m wearing a white garcon printed sleeves t-shirt bought from koovs pairing it with snow white narrow bottom trouser. To give this look a funky touch I layered myself with black nehru cotton jacket. I know Black n white combination is too common but it will never be out dated! Shoes are the key aspects of the clothing we wear because a perfect look always remains incomplete without an appropriate footwear. In-short shoes compliment your look. To matchup the look I’m wearing these beautiful tanned wing tip loafers.


Don’t you miss the essentials !!Reflectors are a must have for summer although for this indoor look I have chosen transparent round shaped glares for a classy as well as intense look 🕶


And of course the hat because its one of the coolest accessory of this season. Here I am carrying a Panama hat which is a cherry on top!


So guys thats all about this summer times first look..


Stay connected for the ‘colorful summer part 2’ ! Keep drinking lots of water, eat healthy stay fit and don’t forget your sunscreen 😄..


Too be continued…

shots by- Aniruddha mulye.

T-shirt- koovs , trouser – peter england , nehru jacket – cotton cottage , hat – manali local shop, reflectors(dior) – shopoholic_surat(instagram shop) , wing tip loafers – local shop.

Layered game..! 

Hola my favourites,

Hope you guys are having a great time!!  And we are  done with Holi…  I dont know whether i should be sad or happy .  You know guys, I personally enjoy and love to play Holi. What a beautiful and a colour filled festival it is! Oopss sorry 🙈 Belated happy holi amigos😄❤️💕. Hope this holi brings the best shades of joy, happiness, prosperity and positivity in your life. Always have a positive approach towards life people and things will fall in place at the right time ..!!😇
It’s the mid of the March month and since we are done with the Holi festival 😄..  This reminds me that the winter season  is coming to an end. So let’s bid a bye bye 👋👋 to winter in the dusky style 😉😉.
This time I have  shared my lense with the beautiful and tremendously talented blogger and my dearest  friend ‘the styleinfusion by komal marathe! ‘. Her sense  of style, attitude and positive approach towards everything in life mesmerises me.  The idea behind this times shoot was  we decided to say goodbye to winter together also at the same time to welcome  the beautiful spring. So here is the ‘stylediary‘ of ‘The dusky dapper + The style infusion‘.
Black is the trend currently and You people will see all my love for black colour in this look. I wore a deep neck dual shade tshirt layered by black Longline Cardigan which I bought from ‘KOOVS‘. Not only that but I Combined this with a  black skin fit ankle length denim from ‘pepe jeans‘. Its spring season guys how can we miss on the glasses😎??? Here i am wearing a  Black shade aviator which i bought from ‘Shopaholic_surat‘, which is an Instagram store . And the whole look is incomplete without the suitable footwear. My  look was themed black so I decided to give it a bit colourful touch in the end hence I wore a pair of rust orange sneakers which I bought from👟!.Look is bit casual, but I think there  is no need of being glittery All  the time just make good combinations that suits your appearance will make eye catching impression!! ✌️😀

                     To know what Komal  has to share about her outfit visit the link mentioned below.      . She’ll tell you guys everything about her outfit and the idea behind her styling.


That’s all for this time peeps hope you like this look and you guys will try it someday. Bye for now. Be cool, Keep calm and dress up like king😎 👑!!

Shots bySohil vitthal. 

T-shirt –  wild boutique. Longline Cardigan – KOOVS. Denim – pepe jeans. Sneakers – shoppy  Shades – Shopaholic_surat. 



​Hola friends, 

 How are you doing all? Hope you are having a good time. I know that I have always shared my ideas related to fashion, new trends, styling, brands and soo onn..  But today I’m not here to share any fashion and styling stuff but for a noble reason !! Today is international  women’s day!!  No doubt we don’t need any specific day to admire the endless humongous contribution of women for the society and for the once personality, but we can look at it as a symbolic day to praise them. So Happy international Women’s Day to my female readers and all the women’s out there.
  This thought gives me a chance to think the importance of Women in our life.  I’m neither a socialist or a philosopher or a writer to write about it. I just wanna share my thoughts with my people.
 The word ‘Ansh‘  in it have a deep meaning.. As a mother she is a creator. She gives birth to a newborn. She cuts  out her ‘ansh‘  (Excerpt) for the creation of a new living being!! It means, all human beings whether it is a man or a woman is having the ‘ansh‘  of woman in them…!! Then why people kill small buns before they can see this beautiful world? Why????
  My parents teaching said self respect is most important thing. If I have an ansh of a woman in me that means I must first respect the woman in order to respect myself. Then why dowry killing, young girls trafficking and Rape??The  perverts who are really doing this don’t they have a self respect at all??? We need to find that ansh in us,  when will find that ansh of women this type of nonsense will automatically stop. Because no one in this universe is ready to harm themselves (a human tendency)…..

In the post I have worn a nose ring that is representing the ansh of women that lives in me. Just give it a thought guys!! .  respect women!
 Happy international women’s day again 😊

Travel ease.. 

​Hola friends..

How are my people…New year new hopes new dreams new wishes and a Happiest New year to all my readers…😄i pray you have a blessed wonderful and productive year… I am quite  sure you people must have made new resolutions and  I know guys its  pretty hard to stick to them😅 but one step in a right direction always brings you good thing..
Well talking about our last blog i hope my readers loved my Preppy Winter college look and you guys tried wearing it…☺
            I am really happy to see that you guys  really take an interest in  my work and force me and give me different challenges and push me to bring the best for my people..

We all love to travel isn’t it? ❤️😉And indeed its a beautiful thing to do… it need not be a vacation  it can just be a  journey from one place to another. but the feeling evryone experience is special..
When it comes to travel i am always on my tip of toes, the journey  always refreshes me. it gives me an energetic vibe full of enthusiasm. hence while travelling  i keep a keen eye on what i am wearing you know why?
Because  when we travel the most important thing we need to keep in mind is the attire we are wearing should be comfortable and should give you the ease of movement…
So this times style book is for my travel loving readers…
            I wore a plain black half sleeve t shirt, along with that i am wearing a full sleeves broad checkers shirt which I bought from Bewakoof.Com. Jogger Is the perfect option if you are  traveling. it gives you a a comfy breatheable feel. I used pintuck jogger by  which is easy to carry and gives you a stylish in trendy look.. And I know You all are now  aware about my love for bags, i am carrying this Backpack which I bought from
And hey our footwear  guys!!!! how can we miss on that sneakers!
I styled this look with a pair of white sneakers. Last but not the least guys. this whole look is incomplete without glasses To complete dis look I used multiple shade glare.


          I hope you’ll like it and you’ll definitely try it when you’ll go on any journey. That’s it for this time guys. Keep calm and dress up like king😎 👑!!

Shots by
Sohil vittal

T shirt –  wild boutique, shirt – Bewakoof.Com, jogger –, Backpack –, sneakers – Flipkart. Com,  shades – bandra linking road

Instagram –  the_dusky_dapper

Preppy winter!! 

​Holaa pals..

How are you doing all…  Umm lemme guess All  busy making plans for the Christmas eve (me too btw) 😜!!
And that just made me realise Christmas and then New year soon. The year will end but you know what, this year has been so special to me. I did so many things that people said you are not capable of. Just have an optimistic approach towards anything you’re goin to start or are doing right now because your perception and the way we think really matters a lot…. Life is what you make it guys, so just believe in yourself 😇!!!!!!
 Aahh that was too much of philosophy 😅so widout wasting time further lets take a look at our new lookbook… 😉
But before we take a look to  our this times style i would like to share with you the reason behind this times change in our style is because of the reviews  i received from you all to go in for a casual look because  since i started blogging i have  always been wearing classy and  formal looks so this times blog is especially for my college going readers its for you guys i hope you like it…
College life those days damn!! The best ones truly❤
This is the time when we are high on energy an enthusiasm… And indeed that  Carefree attitude shows in our attire too….
The blue coloured china color shirt paired with washed denim which is pinrolled..
If you are not aware what is pinrolling the denim and  wanna know How to properly pinroll your denim then Google it guys, there are ample amount of videos on youtube showing the  proper technique for pinrolling your  denim!
And then this attire Is combined with sky blue color sneakers which were  bought from
 It enhance the look and to be honest most of us guys have a crazy love for shoes right?? 😛
 And how do i forget the chill early mornings sometimes even during the noon its really cold isn’t it?
So for that I used broad checkers Muffler!!
 Muffler looks eye catching if you use it with right attire in elegant style….and the whole look is paired with brown champion type aviator glare. As I had already mentioned in my previous blogs that my love for slings are irresistible..😄 So here I again use slings to complete my look. 😎


         Soo guys that all for this time  decent yet in trend college look…
I really  hope you guys find this times change a good one and looking forward for any more reviews from you people..
          Once again Merry Christmas my reader’s and also Happy New year ( in advance😛)
Party hard(No drink and drive guys)
 Stay blessed !!!

Shots by- Nikhil Patil.

Shirt,Muffler:wild boutique,  denim:roadster(myntra), hat:manali local market, glare:carrera, watch:fastrack, bag:the bombay store, 

Urban vibes.. 

​Holaa friends , 

It’s quite a long time that i haven’t blogged and delivered something good for my readers ..
Well to be honest this times upload isn’t  something i had an intention to put up as a blog. The thing was me and my friend had an assignment shoot together for a reason. She’s an amazing model and  a fashion enthusiast also !! As I really loved what we styled that  day and hence i decided to share it with you people ..

So here’s the new lookbook of the Duskydapper..!!
        Formals are always favorable for the men as it gives them a great comfort, but If you carry it in a serene way it looks cool and trendy. In this particular look I wore a Formal white shirt with a Lil floral print on it. And it combines with the dark skinny ankle length trouser. This is the most common look carried by the people, but here again I gave it a Lil dusky touch..!😄 I wore a black suspender combined with black bow which gives  the cool urban look to attire. For this look any dark shade aviator will suit but the way transparent aviator   gives you the classy as well as intense look is unconventional 😀😉 . And this whole look is incomplete without the stylish wing tip formal loafers.👞 


Try this look guys you’ll love it . Hope you’ll like this urban style.. Stay tuned for coming ups n dress up like king..!👑

Shabba kher😇

Shots by- sanket ghadi

Printed shirt – zara, trouser – Peter england, suspender & bow – wild boutique   shoes – local shop, aviator – colaba causeway. 

Manic monday…! 

​Holaa friends , 

I hope you are having a good time.☺ Thanks a lot for such a huge response to my 1st blog. 😃I’m honestly
overwhelmed by your  support … you guys have indeed given a push to my ability and i take it as a responsibility to put forth my efforts and present some good work to my readers and making it worth reading for you people.
Monday Monday arrgh surely no funday!
But guess what….. It can be!! you know HOW??? 😎
Dress well and everything  surely  looks well around you
..(my funda to make my monday interesting 😉) 

So lets start Monday  with something  like formal attire but here again I gave it a dusky touch because…….. Come on!This  dusky dapper style formals are anytime better than the conventional formals….

 I combine the formal with distressed denim . Cardigan sweatshirt with Louis Philips plain white shirt .  And effect of this  look is enhanced by the black sneakers. My loooove for slings is too deep and I’m sure you all will feel it as we head ahead.. 😄and this  whole look is incomplete without the classy bottle green coloured glass aviator which I’m carrying.. The attire comes under the semi formal look.  I  hope u guys will love it…😎😎


      Thank you readers for your attention. Stay tuned for d nxt attire till then  surely try this look. It  will make your Monday better than the existing one..  dress up like a king!!! 👑

Shots by – Kshitij satham

Shirt – Louise Phillips, Sweatshirt – max, Aviator – Ray ban, Denim – spykar, Sling bag – wild boutique ,  Vans Sneakers – filpkart

The ethnic touch 


        How are you doing guys??I’m  so excited for my 1st blog..!lemme 1st introduce you to this new blogger onkar kavatkar. I’m an engineer by profession👷, fitness freak by passion💪 and fashion enthusiastic by birth 😄…!   Fashion has always excited me and  I have  been enthused by it since I started understanding and experimenting with it. I feel that fashion is a term which demands change and truly change is necessary monotinity wipe of the enthusiasm! 

         As I said earlier fashion demands change, so here is my 1st blog, I’m keeping it simple.. Kurta is always my preference,  because  of its elegance making  it look cool as well as in trend all the time but when this traditional is combined with ripped denim and white sneakers it gives an allurement!!  Don’t miss the cherry on the top Erica style Glare completing the exquisiteness of the outfit!


          Well thats all about my first blog..! 

Thanks for paying heed to this fresh blogger. surely  i seek your support  and your suggestions and views are always welcomed…☺☺

Shots by – Abhijit bavaskar

Kurta=limeroad , Denim= wild boutique,  Sneakers =Amazon, Glare = funk u